All I want for Christmas is beautiful hair!

Brace yourself, it’s coming. Christmas is very nearly upon us. A time when our diaries implode, our To Do List grows daily and we need to look our very best, including our hair. The temperature really has taken a dip these last few weeks. The central heating is drying our hair out and this damp, wet weather is playing havoc with my crowning glory. 

Fear not, there are a few simple things you can do to get your hair in top condition for this holiday season. Here are my top tips: 

  1. Increase your water intake. It may not be prosecco but it’s free! Your hair gets thirsty and making sure you drink plenty of water will nourish and strengthen your hair strands. Drinking two litres of water every day, can dramatically improve your hair, helping to keep your skin and nails strong and healthy too! 
  2. Your hair needs extra moisture at this time of year. It can become dry, brittle and lack lustre. We need to give it some extra moisture and professional hair products are the perfect remedy. I have a range of nutritious and environmentally friendly haircare products in the salon that can be tailored to your specific hair type. 
  3. Give your hair a break from styling products and heat tools.  With a busy social schedule, our hair is put under more pressure. Sometimes, it just needs a time out from styling and heat. Take a day out, slather your dry ends in coconut oil, wrap a towel round your head and put your feet up for an hour. Leave the coconut oil in for as long as you can, even overnight and see how this natural product can revive dry hair. 
  4. Once a week, use a deep conditioning mask on your hair. These are available to buy in salon and will give your hair some extra shine for that special night out. They are also great stocking fillers for friends and family. 
  5. Get your routine hair appointment booked in plenty of time for Christmas. This way your hair will look and feel it’s very best for Christmas and the New Year. 

Wishing you and your hair all the very best in the build-up to the festive season. 

Kala x