New Year Hair Resolutions

Happy New Year to all of my wonderful clients. I hope this year brings you health, happiness and success. It’s 2020 and It’s time to fall back in love with your hair again. I am here to help you make the most out of your crowning glory. 

Whether you are looking for a subtle change or something more drastic, we can work on making this your best hair year ever. Stylish cuts, glossy colours, it’s all about finding a cut and colour that best suits your face shape, skin tone and lifestyle. 

Here’s are my top tips for loving your hair in 2020 

  1. Embrace your hair type. We all have individual hair and it’s about finding the right products, cut, colour and styling. Problem hair can be resolved and restored with the right focus and routine. Understanding your individual hair and how to best manage it is key to mastering beautiful locks. 
  2. Get the right cut for your face shape. You may have a signature style that you stick to or prefer to mix it up by frequently changing styles. With an individual hair consultation, I can talk your through the best cut for you. I will also help to ensure that you can manage this outside of the salon. Having the right cut can take years of your age and leave you brimming with confidence. 
  3. Experiment with seasonal colour variations. Along with the right cut, gorgeous colour can really enhance your look. Having your hair professionally coloured in salon will protect it from poor quality and harsh products. I can talk you through the perfect hair colour for your skin tone.
  4. Get the right products that will nourish and restore your hair to its former shine and glory. We all have specific hair types and the right products will leave you with healthy and manageable hair. Whether it’s adding extra moisture or helping you to prolong your hair colour in between appointments, my range of professional hair care products in salon can be personally prescribed for you. 
  5. Eat and drink your way to perfect hair. You are what you eat and this really affects your hair. A diet full of healthy foods as well as drinking plenty of water will help to ensure your hair is in perfect condition.  

So, let’s embrace this opportunity to master beautiful hair in 2020. Together, we can make this your best year ever! 

Kala x