Winter Hair, Don’t Care! 

We’re well into Autumn now and winter is on the horizon.  The temperature is dropping and it’s getting darker earlier. Who else fancies a spot of hibernating? 

We all experience the effects that winter has on our locks – dry, frizzy, lack lustre hair as well as scalp dryness. Our hair takes a real pounding at this time but there is much we can do to help retain good condition throughout the cold spell.  

Here’s my ultimate cold weather survival guide  

Keep your regular routine appointment

It may be cold out but making sure you keep up your regular trims will help to remove those damaged and dry ends.  

Keep heat styling products to a minimum

Already dry and damaged hair is exacerbated by heated styling tools. Seek out alternative styling such as heatless curls and waves. Experiment with ponytails, twists and buns. 

Enjoy a weekly moisture mask

Your hair loses lots of moisture during this period. So treat yourself to a rescue mask. You can relax while the mask does all the hard work – rehydrating, reversing damage, moisturising and softening your hair. Check out our professional range in salon. 

Eat well

Increase your intake of foods that are rich in natural oils, minerals, and vitamins. Fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, nuts and cereals all contain vitamins C, A and E as well as iron and selenium. These will help keep your hair shiny and healthy as well as warding off those unwanted winter bugs. 

Hydrate often

Drinking water helps to keep your hair and skin hydrated. Each single strand of hair is made up of 25% water. Hydration starts from within so drinking plenty of water each day will help to energise and build hair growth faster, keeping your hair shiny and radiant. 

So, let’s embrace this winter season and all it has to offer. Combat winter hair woes and say no to bad hair days. You’ve got this! Together, we can find the right hair care routine for you.