How to manage your hair through lockdown

To all of our lovely clients, we are missing you very much. It’s not the 2021 we were planning however we must follow government guidelines and remain closed.

I am sure, like us, you are missing your regular salon appointments. Desperate for a trim, split ends, root issues, how is your hair holding up? We can’t cut, style and colour your hair at the moment but we can offer you some quick and easy hair hacks to get you through lockdown.

Don’t panic! Try to take this time to take care of yourself and slow down the pace of life. We’ll be open at the first opportunity to glam you up and tame your mane.

Put down the scissors, let us do the cutting. We know it’s hard but resist the urge to trim your hair. It can take a long time to rectify the damage and could actually make you feel a lot worse with no emergency stylists available to help.

Embrace the air dry. Wash and condition your tresses and leave them to naturally air dry. Over time, this will have a great impact on the condition of your hair, reducing breakage and leaving your hair strong and healthy.

Treat yourself! When boredom really sets it, treat yourself to a moisturising hair mask. Wash, apply and leave in for a couple of hours to allow your hair to soak up some much needed moisture. We all need a little me-time.

Stay positive. This may seem really tough at the moment, it can be hard to lift our spirits. It seems never ending but we must focus on getting through this as best as we can.

So from our home to yours, we just wanted to let you know that we are thinking of you. We can’t wait for a time when we can open up our doors and welcome you back. Stay safe and healthy.

Much love

The Cabelos Team x