Hello Summer

Hello summer! 

It’s a warm welcome back from all the team at Cabelos. We have loved re-opening the salon and welcoming everyone. 

Thank you for your patience and support with the additional covid regulations. Keeping you all safe has been our top priority and doing our bit to stop the spread of the virus. 

It’s certainly been scorching hot recently and with that comes frizzy hair.  Whilst this weather is lovely, it can play havoc with our hair. How do we tame our crowning glory and keep it looking summer chic? 

With hot and humid weather, our hair gets thirsty and reaches for moisture in the air. Each cuticle or hair layer swells up, resulting in the dreaded frizz. The best way to counter this? Apply enough moisture to your hair so it doesn’t have to look elsewhere.

Here are our top tips to get frizz free hair this summer – 

  1. Keep your regular hair appointments up to date. Have a good cut and get rid of those dry, dead ends. 
  2. Avoid hot steamy showers. Turn the temperature down a notch to prevent raised cuticles, a leading cause of frizz. 
  3. Wash and condition your hair with the best quality, hydrating ingredients. Some shampoos contain ingredients that can actually make frizz worse. Choose wisely. We have a range of high performance products in salon to suit your hair type. 
  4. Try not to wash your hair too regularly as this can strip out your hair’s natural oils. Ensure you use a suitable conditioner to lock in moisture. Also, take a break from heated styling tools where possible too. These just dry out hair even more. 
  5. Treat yourself to a weekly professional hair treatment at home. Our hair masks contain soothing ingredients that seep into your hair strands and lock in nourishment. The perfect way to unwind. 
  6. Eat your way to frizz free hair by including some moisture rich and nourishing food in your diet. Incorporate more sweet potato, blueberries, salmon, chicken, avocado, citrus fruits and walnuts in your cooking. 
  7. Make hair care a priority. Taking the time to look after your hair will have important benefits to your mind, confidence and well-being. 

If you have any hair issues or concerns, we’re here to help. We have gained lots of knowledge and experience over the years and we want to share this with you. 

Enjoy the rest of the summer sunshine. We look forward to seeing you in Cabelos very soon

Maggie, Kala and the Cabelos Team.