Tips for a Longer Lasting Blow Dry this Christmas

As long as you have had a really good blow dry at the salon or have done it yourself, section by section, making sure they are completely dry, there is no reason you can’t get up to 5 days life out of your blow dry!


Hairs cortical fibres (inner structure) have memory and remember the shape created between the hair being wet and dry. This is really important as the better care taken drying and creating the shape, volume or smoothness really counts. Remember heat creates shape and cool fixes shape.


Don’t use too much conditioner or too heavy conditioners for your hair type, if in doubt use a leave in one. Only apply the conditioner from your ears down and then comb through before rinsing thoroughly. Conditioner can make the hair lank and flat if you use too much. So despite it being essential for protection, repairing and colour saving, don’t go overboard.

Make sure you are using the correct shampoo for your hair type. Believe it or not, shampoo is like the foundations of the style you’re about to create. For example, if the shampoo is too moisturising, it will weight the hair down and so won’t be a good basis for a longer lasting blow dry. This is because the ingredients moisturise the scalp and so encourage oil production.


Don’t over do styling products, they quite often attract dirt and pollution from the environment which adds to the weight causing your fabulous blow dry to collapse and can discolour lighter hair. You can buy styling products that have anti oxidants that will help prevent the above. Always remember to comb through products so that they are evenly distributed.


Lightly brushing your hair at night with a pure bristle brush and then spraying dry shampoo in at the root, do this in sections and spray about 6 cms away. This absorbs excess oils during the night, then brush through gently in the morning.

Additionally grab your hair into a loose pony, twist gently and secure with a bobby pin, wear a silk scarf and then in the morning release the pin and brush through the twisting to help keep the movement but do it loosely so that the root lift is maintained.


It’s a 1990’s tip but it works! Tip your head upside down, spray aerosol hair spray about 12 cms from the roots, add a diffuser to your dryer medium heat/medium speed,  gentle circle motion a few cms from the scalp and then turn head and do the same. It’s an instant wake up for lank hair.