Get your hair summer ready!

It’s been an amazing week of mild temperatures and the sun is finally appearing. It’s a welcoming sight after the recent cold spell and dark evenings. As we enter March, it’s time to start thinking about the forthcoming summer, warm hazy days and exotic locations. The shops are full of sun cream and bright colours. It’s time to think about getting your hair ready for summer.

We all want luscious locks for our holidays and it’s important to prepare your hair. Harsh UV sunlight not only damages our skin but also takes it’s toll on our hair. Making sure we take precautions, use the right styling products will really help to minimise damage. Here’s some top tips to help you stay on the right track:

Get a good cut!

Instantly refresh your appearance with a good hair cut, it’s great to chop away the dry brittle ends. Consider a new style, out with the old and in with the new. Transform your look with a whole new colour and keep up with the latest trends. I offer a free consultation which gives us the opportunity to talk through what you are comfortable with and your lifestyle. A good hair cut can take years off your looks.

Moisture, moisture, moisture…

Heat, humidity and chlorine can play havoc with our hair, leaving us with dry, brittle and dehydrated hair. During the summer months, our hair will need a little extra help, replenishing moisture. Leave in serums and conditioning treatments really help to rehydrate our hair and replace lost moisture. Treat yourself to an Ikoo Infusions Thermal Treatment Wrap available to purchase in salon for £10. Going somewhere special? Book a conditioning treatment and blow dry for £20.

Get the right styling products for your hair…

We are all individuals and so is our hair. One size doesn’t fit all and it’s important to use the right products for your hair type. Our professional salon products will help you to style and nourish your hair. Introducing the iD Hair Elements Range, natural and professional hair care products to nourish your hair. High quality, innovative shampoos and conditioners to pamper and condition. Key ingredients include: argan oil, blueberry, shea butter, rice and quartz/amethyst. Call in for a prescription consultation, tailored personally to you.

Reduce heating your hair

The sun naturally dries out our hair so try to reduce using hair dryers, straighteners and curling irons. With almost three decades of industry experience, I can help you work with your natural hair type to discover low maintenance and easy to manage styles. Taking the best care of our hair really helps to keep it manageable and in the best condition. So why not book an appointment today to get your hair ready for summer?